A Guide to Putting Calories on Menus

A survey carried out by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland showed that the vast majority of consumers who took place indicated that they would like calorie information displayed beside the price of food and drink items on menus.

Research shows that, on the whole, people eat less where calories are displayed – which should have the additional benefits of reducing obesity and diabetes type II.

In response to consumer demand for the display of calories on menus, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, together with a team of nutritionists, computer scientists and food business trainers, have devised an online solution to assist food businesses. MenuCal is available free of charge at www.menucal.ie.

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About the Author
Bernadette Parte is the principal of Parte and Associates, Solicitors and Notaries, and is a contributor to the Senior Times magazine and website and is invited regularly to give talks on wills and probate.