Marie Fleming’s legal challenge to absolute ban on assisted suicide

I am delighted to have been invited as a speaker at the annual conference of the Society of Young Solicitors Ireland, being held this year in the Mount Wolseley Hotel in Tullow. Marie Fleming’s landmark challenge to Ireland’s absolute ban on assisted suicide caught the public’s attention and opened up discussion about how we as a society responds to the plight of those of us with debilitating terminal illnesses. Having acted for Marie in this case, it raised many questions in my mind, and continues to do so. Ultimately both the High Court and the Supreme Court determined that the absolute ban was justifiable and now it is up to the Oireachtas to deal with this thorny issue which I believe will not go away.

The full judgement of the High Court and the Supreme Court is available on www.courts.ie

About the Author
Bernadette Parte is the principal of Parte and Associates, Solicitors and Notaries, and is a contributor to the Senior Times magazine and website and is invited regularly to give talks on wills and probate.